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Why you should choose

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Why you should choose

Expert Food & Product Photography

Our partnership with Foodeography allows us to offer a soup to nuts approach to marketing restaurants, caterers and the entire food service industry.

Latest Video Tools & Techniques

Utilizing the latest imaging hardware and editing software we create a compelling and unique “Look” for your print and electronic media messaging.

Real Estate & Venue Photography

Mt Vernon Marketing has photographed properties of some of Maryland’s premier home builders, real estate developers and listing agents.

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Why we are great at what we do

Client Commitment

We are great at what we do. Why? Because our clients deserve it. As passionate as we about image crafting we are equally committed to our clients success. MVM believes building long term relationships with our clients is key to their success, and ours. We value affordable smart marketing growth strategies over a one time, fast buck approach.

Marketing Image Integrity

MVM believes when our clients invest their hard earned marketing dollars with us they deserve not only an original visual concept that captures attention, but authentic images of themselves, their products, services and venue. Businesses masquerading behind stock photography that at best vaguely conveys who they truly are do themeselves a disservice. Potential customers know stock imagery when they see it, and what its use implies.

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Our specialization

Graphic Design
Web Development
Publication Design
Original Music

Core Services

  • Creative Direction

    Account associates discuss in depth the culture and objectives of the client with our creative teams. We then propose a visual signature for that client which informs and directs the creative and production process. Our goal is to produce consistent and effective messaging across all media platforms.

  • Branding

    MVM understands that clients desire a brand that lifts them not only above the fray of their competition, but one that heightens their marketing profile in general. We strive to marry their core services, product and culture in a brand name and logo design that has memorable, timeless appeal.

  • Videography

    Our video production team uses the latest tools and techniques to produce video that maximizes the powerful effect of moving images, inspiring words and emotional music. From storyboarding an original concept, to the logistics of the shoot, we strive to make a complex undertaking an enjoyable and rewarding experience for our clients.

  • Photography

    Mt Vernon Marketing specializes in commercial, real estate and product photography. Our creative partnerships with Foodeography and Exent Media allows us to offer expert food and event photography at a special discount to our clients. We also handle editorial assignments and having worked for publications like The Baltimore Sun, our level of professionalism has been and continues to be second to none.

  • Graphic Design

    Mt Vernon Marketing has talented graphic designers who understand that the simplest design solutions can be the most effective. We also possess the depth of talent and experience to handle the most challenging design requirements. Our goal is to create design solutions that sell.

  • Web Development

    MVM understands the importance of a strong visually dynamic website. We also recognize the ever increasing role video plays in the dissemination of our clients messaging over linked social media platforms. We strive to produce websites where keywords, images and video seamlessly integrate forming an enjoyable online experience, and increased conversion rates.

  • Marketing Consulting

    Whether you’re a new start-up seeking to position your business favorably amongst your competitors, or a long established business needing to retune its marketing efforts to remain dominant, MVM can help. We’re happy to explain the tools of the marketing trade, and share our knowledge of emerging industry thinking, trends and techniques.

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