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Our highly visual marketing and communications approached is complimented by thoughtful creative concepts and copywriting. We strive to blend media and technology in ways that increase our clients’ message friendliness, prompting easier target audience engagment and conversion.

Thorough knowledge of our clients’ industry, and the client in particular, allows us to craft messaging that meets industry standards and our clients marketing objectives. Our ultimate goal is to exceed the marketing efforts of our client’s largest competitors.

Innovative Marketing Production Solutions

As a guiding principal Mt Vernon Marketing maintains that listening is key to developing successful outcomes for our clients. Only when we’ve gained insight into the essence of a company, and its growth objectives can we move forward with creating marketing that is both memorable and effective.

MVM is uniquely qualified to provide the mid-sized company, professional, organization or non-profit expert creative services at very competitive fees. Our multi-talented team members insure a cost effective approach to your marketing needs without sacrificing creativity or quality. Project managers regularly communicate with clients to insure that project goals are met… from concept to completion.

As you review our creative services portfolio we hope you’ll share in our goal to meet your desire for successful marketing at the intersection of boundless creativity and endless opportunity.

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Video Production
Graphic Design
Web Development
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We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.

Bruce Smallwood

Bruce Smallwood

Creative Director

Bruce has held a number of creative and production positions in a career spanning over 20 years. His visual orientation is informed by experience as a professional photographer and videographer. Constant creative and professional growth has resulted in a thorough understanding of how marketing media visuals and sound stimulate positive target audience decisions benefitting of a multitude of varied clientele in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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